Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Just a short description about my Runescape character. Here are my current stats and some pictures of him.


They will almost all over 70 when I get 1000 total also my combat level is exactly 70, for the moment.

Those are all my armors/clothes I've got in bank.

-Full Zombie (head missing)
My favorite random even clothes, I always wear them when training magic.

-Full Camo (hat missing)
Another of my favorite clothes, I wear it sometimes when I'm not training any combat skills because I like the looks with the bow and the green cape.

-Full D'hide (t)
My favorite armor, the most recent aswell, I almost always wear it, specially in parties.

-Full Guthix

The most expensive set I've got so far, I've bought it because I've chosen to be a follower of Guthix and also for bragging rights (I was considered a noob when I had full rune t)

Other set's I've had

-Mime set
I already had the full set of the Mime random event but I dropped it, because I think it's really ugly, specially for the mask.

-Wizard robes
I only worn black wizard robes before level 50, but I never worn them anymore, I'm too lazy to get them and anyways, I've got full Zombie (yes, I know it has no magic bonus)

-Full Rune / Full rune (t)
I had both full rune and Full rune (t), but not for long. I almost never worn a full rune set because when I got it at lvl 47, I already had started to work to get full rune (t) and from lvl 50 to 60 (I got full rune (t) at lvl 60) I always had full d'hide).

-Full D'hide
The oldest set I had, sold it not long ago to buy the trimmed one, was one of my favorites, but I prefer the new one for looks.

This is everything for today, I'll post more tomorrow .

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