Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to Silver's Blog

Welcome to Silvertaler's Runescape Blog! This is where I post stuff about my Runescape character, Silvertaler. I update this blog everyday.

Why did I make this blog?

I like blogs, it's something I do very well. It also encourages me to continue playing Runescape (I'm a freeplayer, there's nothing much to do other than to train my skills.) It also allows people to know more about me and thus to make friends, people often like to read blogs when they're interesting. I had another blog before, but I deleted it because I stopped playing runescape for a while.
I wish I would have started a blog when I was a low level so I could have recorded everything from the very beginning .

Who am I?

A good question, but unfortunately I'm not giving away too much personal information I'm 15 years old, that's all you are allowed to know about me, yeah I'm getting a bit old to even care about those noobs saying I'm a freeplayer newb so I shouldn't even be writing this blog. I'm often nice to others and very respectful, but I sometimes talk a bit too much to the point that the other person starts ignoring me .

Me... In game...

I just came back to Runescape today, the 31 July 2007. My character was created the 6 July 2006 so he's more than a year old. My total level is over 830 and my combat level is over 70. At the moment, I deleted every single friend in my friends list because after all the time I've left they all thought I left Runescape forever, so they all removed me. If you want you can add me in game anytime but please, don't ask for money. At the moment I'm a merchant, that's how I get money. I'm also a ranger, I started playing this game as a ranger, and the melee skills wouldn't be almost as high as ranged if it wasn't because of the Dragon Slayer quest. You will always see me wearing a Power Amulet, that amulet is as older than my account I got it when I was a level 3, I was training ranged when I saw someone get killed and lose all his armor, he was a high level who got killed by a zombie random, I tryed to give him back his stuff but he wasn't in lumbridge anymore so I sold his rune armor for 200k, I sold everything, but I kept the Amulet of Power and now I consider it not only as an amulet but also as a lucky charm. You may think this is crazy but I would only sell it for prices above 10mil.
I know absolutely everything in the freeplay area, every random event, every house, everything, I couldn't tell exactly what is inside every house but I've been to everywhere, except to the member's areas.
My goal is to have 1000 total and a lot of cash, but the thing is, I don't know why but I'm always spending money. After I bought full guthix armor at lvl 65, I thought it would be the last time I massively spend money, I had full rune t before, had to sell it to get guthix. But now I've also bought full d'hide trimmed, so I only have 44k now.

That's all for now, check out my blog for more information

Thank you for visiting, Silvertaler.

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