Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deadly Dungeon

Today I've decided to do Tears of Guthix to get that extra experience every week. However, I started by doing The Lost Tribe which turned to be chaos. As I entered the dungeon, I wasn't aware of the traps and fell in one of them. My glass lantern eventually broke, and I got killed by the various creatures down the dungeon. It was probably one of the most scary things that happened to me so far , as I tried to run around and escape that dark place!

I'm lucky I kept my very old rune pickaxe, but the Amulet of Power I've wore ever since level 3 has been lost. It was an amulet I once found when some guy died next to me, killed by a tree spirit. Anyways, I renewed my gear this time: bought an Obsidian Cape and an Amulet of Glory. I really like the looks of this new cape, even tho it was quite expensive. I eventually finished the quest right after. Finding the right way in that maze was a pain, but as soon as I figured out a bullseye lantern worked better, I didn't have to risk dying again. The quest storyline was rather good, even tho I really hated the dungeon.

Later on I just completed Tears of Guthix, which was rather easy. I also learned how to make lanterns.

And so today I just ended getting level 20 Fletching to get ready for Fremmenik Trials tomorrow. I'll be doing them to get my Archer Helmet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gnomes

Today I've continued questing. This time I've done a few gnome related quests, aswell as the Agility skill. The Gnome Tree took me hours to finish, and meanwhile I've done the Tree Gnome Village.

When I landed in Karamja I decided to explore the island before I'd go on with the quest - the area looked quite interesting. May I remind this first quest was The Gnome Tree.

After that, I found myself stuck in the quest as I didn't have the required level of Agility to go on, and so I have started and finished Tree Gnome Village meanwhile - the lvl 112 warlord was no match for me. I got my lvl 58 Attack from that quest!

Later on, I trained my Agility level to 25 and I finaly passed the 900 total level milestone. A great achievement for me, as I was stuck in the 800 milestone for a very long time when I was a freeplayer.

Then I just went on with the quest, figured out how to go down to the dungeon from Glough's house, and fought his demon. I was actually the highest level monster I've ever killed, so far.

And so ends the day, quest completed! I've leveled quite a few levels today from questing. It was a good day, membership is being fun.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Day Of Membership

After three years of freeplaying, I officially became a member today. For three years I couldn't get the membership, I could just look at how good it was on the official website, imagine how I would be if I wasn't only a freeplayer. Today it's real. I wasn't expecting this to happen today, in fact the french SMS payment option just began to work decently.

So yeah, the first thing I've done was to run to GE and get my new set, a full red d'hide set with a magic shortbow. Then I ran to Falador east and crossed the gate - I had entered the members area for the first time! That one step across the gate was something very important in the tale of Silvertaler.

The first thing I've done after this was to go to Ardougne. I always considered it to be the largest city in members areas, and I always wanted to explore it, it made me so curious.
After I walked around for a while, I then decided to start my first members quest - Druidic Ritual. Before I finished that quest, I actually leveled my first members skill, thieving. Then came Herblore:

  Right after, summoning:

And shortly after, I finished Lost City, so I can later use my Dragon Longsword. I actually killed the tree spirit during that quest with a Bronze Axe.

However, it was getting late here, so I had to log out for today. Tomorrow, I'll try to finish Tears of Guthix for free experience every week, or maybe start the two Gnome quests; and after I'll just go on question and exploring without following any plans. I have noticed that my total level will skyrocket for the first few weeks of membership.

This was my best day on Runescape, so far.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My problem? Nah...

So after what I've been reading on the official forums, the SMS payment option problem doesn't come from my phone or my credit. As the PayBySMS option is quite recent in France, they're having issues with it right now, and I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, not to mention all those who also have other different problems. I've sent an e-mail to the jagex french customer support as the moderators asked, as they say they're fixing everyone's problem individually. Now all I have to do is wait... at least I know the payment issue doesn't come from me.

Monday, January 5, 2009


The "Last day of Freeplay" was pushed ahead five times already. I tried calling Surfpin's customer service but those incompetent idiots don't even answer the phone. Right now I believe I have a problem with my SMS credit, and if it really is the problem, tomorrow afternoon I should finaly become a member for sure. I really am determined to open that gate...
By the way, I have added a link to my old blog in the navigation bar on the left of this page. Check it out, it has my screenshots back from the end of 2007

Friday, January 2, 2009

No membership yet?

I've tried to buy my membership by SMS, but Jagex aren't sending my activation code. I've been trying to fix this issue the whole day but haven't found a solution yet. I guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer to become a member after all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So here begins my journal about Runescape...

 The Storyline, so far:

In fact, my Runescape account is now two years and a half old. It was created in June, 2006. I named it Silvertaler, a name that comes from Feataler that itself comes from feather (and I don't remember how I brought this up...). I always was a freeplayer so far. I've played a lot during the first semester, in which I got the most of my total level, joined the Salmoneus community, built up some reputation and got some good friends. After that, I continued playing during another semester but that's when the downfall began. Not only I had found some other games, but also I had problems with a group of people who claimed themselves an "elite" group of runescapers (bleh, I really hate arrogant people, but anyways I've heard their sorta community went downhill, people eventually understood they were idiots). The amount of drama made me just progressively quit Runescape during the third semester. This year, referring to 2008, I rarely logged on for reasons I don't quite remember. I have been playing other games but eventually got bored. This week, I finally decided to come back on the game, buy a membership for the first time and complete my journey

Current status:  

Today, as I come back to Runescape, I'm playing as a lone wolf. I decided to not join communities, except for other games (in which I'm part of the SuddenDeath clan/guild/community). In fact, all my old friends have quit the game or went inactive, except Xela King who still logs in sometimes. As I get members, my goal is to do all the quests by myself, go by "To win without risk is to triumph without glory". No guides or anything, using my own resources.
I play my Character Silvertaler as a Rogue. By this I mean, I'm usually a ranger, but I eventually carry a shield and sword (poisoned daggers will eventually replace my sword/shield when I get my membership) in case I need to fight in close range, a.k.a. melee. I actually have a quite balanced set of skills so I'm able to face any kind of situation:

I've completed every single Freeplay quest and the achievement diary. Actually, during these long days of Runescape, I've pretty much achieved everything there is to do in freeplay. Well, Silvertaler has a very long storyline behind him, even though I didn't get much levels as I preferred just exploring and questing. Tomorrow, the journey will continue into a vast new area: the members worlds

The last day of Freeplay?

So as this was my last day if freeplay, and as it was the first day of 2009, I decided to just have fun. I didn't play much today, I just got my bank organised and everything ready. I've gathered a total of 500k gold during the past week, just chopping yews and selling them at the Grand Exchange. I've played Fist of Guthix, in which I got 150 tokens and a Ranged level in around an hour. I also was invited for a video about the Wise Old Man on Youtube. In fact I have made a video about him, and it somewhat got popular, so there's a few people who are interested in completing the theory I have began. You can see the video here:

Well, there's nothing much left to say other than I can't wait to get my membership. To all you Runescapers out there: play fair and have fun