Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deadly Dungeon

Today I've decided to do Tears of Guthix to get that extra experience every week. However, I started by doing The Lost Tribe which turned to be chaos. As I entered the dungeon, I wasn't aware of the traps and fell in one of them. My glass lantern eventually broke, and I got killed by the various creatures down the dungeon. It was probably one of the most scary things that happened to me so far , as I tried to run around and escape that dark place!

I'm lucky I kept my very old rune pickaxe, but the Amulet of Power I've wore ever since level 3 has been lost. It was an amulet I once found when some guy died next to me, killed by a tree spirit. Anyways, I renewed my gear this time: bought an Obsidian Cape and an Amulet of Glory. I really like the looks of this new cape, even tho it was quite expensive. I eventually finished the quest right after. Finding the right way in that maze was a pain, but as soon as I figured out a bullseye lantern worked better, I didn't have to risk dying again. The quest storyline was rather good, even tho I really hated the dungeon.

Later on I just completed Tears of Guthix, which was rather easy. I also learned how to make lanterns.

And so today I just ended getting level 20 Fletching to get ready for Fremmenik Trials tomorrow. I'll be doing them to get my Archer Helmet.

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