Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Day Of Membership

After three years of freeplaying, I officially became a member today. For three years I couldn't get the membership, I could just look at how good it was on the official website, imagine how I would be if I wasn't only a freeplayer. Today it's real. I wasn't expecting this to happen today, in fact the french SMS payment option just began to work decently.

So yeah, the first thing I've done was to run to GE and get my new set, a full red d'hide set with a magic shortbow. Then I ran to Falador east and crossed the gate - I had entered the members area for the first time! That one step across the gate was something very important in the tale of Silvertaler.

The first thing I've done after this was to go to Ardougne. I always considered it to be the largest city in members areas, and I always wanted to explore it, it made me so curious.
After I walked around for a while, I then decided to start my first members quest - Druidic Ritual. Before I finished that quest, I actually leveled my first members skill, thieving. Then came Herblore:

  Right after, summoning:

And shortly after, I finished Lost City, so I can later use my Dragon Longsword. I actually killed the tree spirit during that quest with a Bronze Axe.

However, it was getting late here, so I had to log out for today. Tomorrow, I'll try to finish Tears of Guthix for free experience every week, or maybe start the two Gnome quests; and after I'll just go on question and exploring without following any plans. I have noticed that my total level will skyrocket for the first few weeks of membership.

This was my best day on Runescape, so far.

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