Thursday, January 1, 2009

So here begins my journal about Runescape...

 The Storyline, so far:

In fact, my Runescape account is now two years and a half old. It was created in June, 2006. I named it Silvertaler, a name that comes from Feataler that itself comes from feather (and I don't remember how I brought this up...). I always was a freeplayer so far. I've played a lot during the first semester, in which I got the most of my total level, joined the Salmoneus community, built up some reputation and got some good friends. After that, I continued playing during another semester but that's when the downfall began. Not only I had found some other games, but also I had problems with a group of people who claimed themselves an "elite" group of runescapers (bleh, I really hate arrogant people, but anyways I've heard their sorta community went downhill, people eventually understood they were idiots). The amount of drama made me just progressively quit Runescape during the third semester. This year, referring to 2008, I rarely logged on for reasons I don't quite remember. I have been playing other games but eventually got bored. This week, I finally decided to come back on the game, buy a membership for the first time and complete my journey

Current status:  

Today, as I come back to Runescape, I'm playing as a lone wolf. I decided to not join communities, except for other games (in which I'm part of the SuddenDeath clan/guild/community). In fact, all my old friends have quit the game or went inactive, except Xela King who still logs in sometimes. As I get members, my goal is to do all the quests by myself, go by "To win without risk is to triumph without glory". No guides or anything, using my own resources.
I play my Character Silvertaler as a Rogue. By this I mean, I'm usually a ranger, but I eventually carry a shield and sword (poisoned daggers will eventually replace my sword/shield when I get my membership) in case I need to fight in close range, a.k.a. melee. I actually have a quite balanced set of skills so I'm able to face any kind of situation:

I've completed every single Freeplay quest and the achievement diary. Actually, during these long days of Runescape, I've pretty much achieved everything there is to do in freeplay. Well, Silvertaler has a very long storyline behind him, even though I didn't get much levels as I preferred just exploring and questing. Tomorrow, the journey will continue into a vast new area: the members worlds

The last day of Freeplay?

So as this was my last day if freeplay, and as it was the first day of 2009, I decided to just have fun. I didn't play much today, I just got my bank organised and everything ready. I've gathered a total of 500k gold during the past week, just chopping yews and selling them at the Grand Exchange. I've played Fist of Guthix, in which I got 150 tokens and a Ranged level in around an hour. I also was invited for a video about the Wise Old Man on Youtube. In fact I have made a video about him, and it somewhat got popular, so there's a few people who are interested in completing the theory I have began. You can see the video here:

Well, there's nothing much left to say other than I can't wait to get my membership. To all you Runescapers out there: play fair and have fun

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