Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gnomes

Today I've continued questing. This time I've done a few gnome related quests, aswell as the Agility skill. The Gnome Tree took me hours to finish, and meanwhile I've done the Tree Gnome Village.

When I landed in Karamja I decided to explore the island before I'd go on with the quest - the area looked quite interesting. May I remind this first quest was The Gnome Tree.

After that, I found myself stuck in the quest as I didn't have the required level of Agility to go on, and so I have started and finished Tree Gnome Village meanwhile - the lvl 112 warlord was no match for me. I got my lvl 58 Attack from that quest!

Later on, I trained my Agility level to 25 and I finaly passed the 900 total level milestone. A great achievement for me, as I was stuck in the 800 milestone for a very long time when I was a freeplayer.

Then I just went on with the quest, figured out how to go down to the dungeon from Glough's house, and fought his demon. I was actually the highest level monster I've ever killed, so far.

And so ends the day, quest completed! I've leveled quite a few levels today from questing. It was a good day, membership is being fun.

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