Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Skyrim

Damn it. The mail containing Skyrim arrived this morning when I was at school. I wasn't home to receive it so it was sent back to the post office. It was closed when I came back home, and tomorrow's a public holiday, it's closed. So I can only get it on Saturday. Life's a bitch.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Modding - Interviews Included

As announced in the previous posts, today's post will be about a Skyrim issue. I'm beginning with mods, as I believe this is one of the most general topics to talk about. 

In TES, much like in Minecraft and Trackmania, the community has set up a wide array of mods which allow players to alter the game in various ways. There are mods for graphics, sound, in game items, character customization, and even extra quests if I am correct. Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is one of the most popular mods. In fact, as the name suggests, it's beyond a mod as it extensively alters the game. A few communities distribute these mods, namely TES Nexus and Planet Elder Scrolls. Some lists have been made to easen mod searching, such as the recommended mods list from UESP or Planet Elder Scrolls' Ten essential Oblivion mods list.

 A floating castle modded into Oblivion.

So one of the questions you may ask yourself when you begin Skyrim is to wether or not use mods. Why use them? Are there downsides? Are they the future of gaming? To answer these questions, I interviewed three different players. First, I had a direct interview with DyingAtheist, as known as Best In Slot on Youtube. He's going be making videos about mods and such, so I thought it would be interesting to interview him in particular. Here's our inverview, you have to click on the image and then click on "show original" to be able to read:

Then, I interviewed a writer from TES Nexus, Zaldiir, who was very positive on the idea of modding, and also gave some interesting views on the subject. The link from the conversation is this :

Finally, I interviewed a modder named Arthmoor. He's been into TES for a long while now and also had some interesting views to share. It was done through PM instead of chat this time. Again, click the image and select "original size" to view the conversation.

Kvatch rebuilt through modding, by Kvatch Rebuild Team.

Now where do I personally stand on mods? I only use those that fill the gaps, and I stay vanilla for a very long time first. When I started Oblivion I quickly got disapointed by the hairstyles, and got mods right off the bat. I tried many mods to alter the game because they all sounded so nice. But then there was a point when it got complicated with game files, and I really wanted to discover the game as it originally was. I had the feeling I was skipping something. I'm just the kind of person who won't buy a Ferrari if it doesn't have a Ferrari engine, even if it's a more powerful one. I get that feeling that it's "fake". On Oblivion I only had a mod that added merchants because the roads just got really dull after a while. I don't mind fixing such things because they add immersion. But replacing already existing content, or making my gameplay easier by adding overpowered weapons and others, just isn't my thing. Because I'll know I'm not getting the real impression of the game. Nonetheless I was very interested to hear what they had to say in the interviews, it's been a while I haven't done them. I think this is an idea worth developping for games, because there's always something missing in game and game developers don't think about it. It's good to have the community be part of the game's development as well.

May Akatosh be with you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kudos to Skyrim Bloggers

Hello everyone! I'm right out of some short hollydays and I'm already getting owned badly by homework, but I managed to scrap some time for the blog. In this blog post I'd like to make a few announcements about our Skyrim blogs and about the content I'll be posting before Skyrim comes out. 

Firstly off I'm impressed about how many blogs have been created since that post on the Nexus Forums. Blogs are something that require commitment and actually liking the idea. Not everyone has what it takes to make a decent blog, but everyone's still welcome. You'll get the hang of it through practicing. I'm adding and reading everyone. If you wanna know, I took the idea from the old Runescape blogger community. I had a blog myself that very unfortunately got deleted when I lost the Google account. I'm very against Google owning Blogger and Youtube, but there's nothing we can do about it. Our blogs will be much better than the Runescape ones, though. 

I'd like to give some kudos to A Nord's Musings, MrDirty Plays Skyrim, Felix's Adventure Journal and The Daily Khajiit for having the best looking blogs so far. Do check those for inspiration. Keep in mind though, that this is subjective and some people might find other blogs prettier. Also, most other blogs aren't that far behind and some are also better written. Basically just get your ass moving and visit them all :°
Bound By Soul is a writting only blog, unrelated to Skyrim, which has some interesting content for you to read, so you should also check that out.

Now about my blog, I'm gonna keep adding posts throughout the week, about announcent Skyrim content. I'll be sharing my views on mods, kids being in game, differences with Oblivion, and stuff people might find controversial enough to be worth talking of. Definitely check it out and share your opinion too. 

That said, I got work to do now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Things First

Hello everybody, and welcome to my brand new Skyrim blog! So, if the game's still days away from release then what the hell am I doing here already? Even though there's no game to be talking about yet, this post might actually be long. This is an introduction to who I am, how I am preparing for the game, and a few views on other things. It also allows me to test the layout better than the previous test post, and avoid not knowing how to begin the blog when Skyrim is actually out. So let's start by first things first then.

I'm 19 years old, student at a fine arts preparatory school. I will later specialize on webdesign and other digital art. For those who don't know, a preparatory school here in France is a school where you "train" for the real universities. Art academies are very selective here and most people who aren't born straight into arts just get owned, so these preparatories really help. 
But anyway, moving on, I'm a fan of fantasy, astronomy, photoshop and flash awesomeness, photography, cars, and of course video games. I've been through the adventure game era, meaning I've played many of those old PSX and some Nintendo 64 games, like Mario 64, all the old Spyro games, Rayman, Harry Potter games. Also some racing games, namely Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. Ever since I got into online games I've been slacking a lot, because these games just take ages to get through, but I'm getting back on my feet now. I'm a Starcraft II player, in which I play 3v3 games as Platinum. I'm also getting into Battlefield since Bad Company 2, and TES since Oblivion. Maybe gonna try Deus Ex for christmas or some other game, I'm open to suggestions at the moment.
I own both a DeviantArt and a Youtube account for some of my artwork. My Youtube stuff is generally not so artistic but that's cool anyway. Getting close to the 2 million view mark. I intend to make some good Skyrim videos, in my own humorous style which you can check in the video below if you wanna know what I'm talking about:

Yeah I've been into that old game, it's been a while since I quit, don't ever plan to return. Anyway, enough talked about myself, let's move on to the blog. I photoshopped through the background and header yesterday and so far so good, I'm keeping this for now at least. On the right, I'll eventually add a few more gadgets. There will be a picture of my chacter, a little gallery of my best screenshots, a few made-up badges to show people what kind of stuff I'm into, and other stuff. There's a little video on top with a soundtrack for the blog. It's a soundtrack from the Lost series, which I absolutely love. I used to play Oblivion with those soundtracks ; you should try as well if you haven't yet because they work wonderfully with TES. That little gadget helps me share the atmosphere I'm into when playing any RPG, which is all into immersion. 
My adventures will be narrated by myself as I discover Skyrim, as opposed to narrated by my character. I like to add my views on graphics, gameplay, sound and others from time to time. There's always screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about, else it would get dull. Well, can't say much more, you'll eventually discover it when I begin the Skyrim journal.

Finally, I just wanna show what I'm gonna be playing Skyrim on. Everyone likes to share that kind of stuff before a game is released. I own a HP Pavillion Elite HPE 430, along with a 1920x1080HD screen and some simple Logitech speakers that are just enough to do the job. It's much of a webdesigner's set up. Powerful Intel i7 processor, just too bad the graphics card is average. It does the job, but I won't be running Skyrim at its highest power.  Here's some screenshots of my desk and the PC, you can click them to view full size, if you wanna look up what kind of mysterious items are all over my desk.

So that's what I'll be playing on. When Skyrim's out I'll spend hours upon hours editing my character, being the perfectionist I am. I'll be playing Nord or Breton by the way, perhaps even Imperial as I used to be one on Oblivion. And that said there's nothing much to add except I'm impatient to begin Skyrim, it will be exciting. The other blogs out there are looking nice as well, definitely go check out if you haven't yet.

Until then, may the Force be with you!