Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kudos to Skyrim Bloggers

Hello everyone! I'm right out of some short hollydays and I'm already getting owned badly by homework, but I managed to scrap some time for the blog. In this blog post I'd like to make a few announcements about our Skyrim blogs and about the content I'll be posting before Skyrim comes out. 

Firstly off I'm impressed about how many blogs have been created since that post on the Nexus Forums. Blogs are something that require commitment and actually liking the idea. Not everyone has what it takes to make a decent blog, but everyone's still welcome. You'll get the hang of it through practicing. I'm adding and reading everyone. If you wanna know, I took the idea from the old Runescape blogger community. I had a blog myself that very unfortunately got deleted when I lost the Google account. I'm very against Google owning Blogger and Youtube, but there's nothing we can do about it. Our blogs will be much better than the Runescape ones, though. 

I'd like to give some kudos to A Nord's Musings, MrDirty Plays Skyrim, Felix's Adventure Journal and The Daily Khajiit for having the best looking blogs so far. Do check those for inspiration. Keep in mind though, that this is subjective and some people might find other blogs prettier. Also, most other blogs aren't that far behind and some are also better written. Basically just get your ass moving and visit them all :°
Bound By Soul is a writting only blog, unrelated to Skyrim, which has some interesting content for you to read, so you should also check that out.

Now about my blog, I'm gonna keep adding posts throughout the week, about announcent Skyrim content. I'll be sharing my views on mods, kids being in game, differences with Oblivion, and stuff people might find controversial enough to be worth talking of. Definitely check it out and share your opinion too. 

That said, I got work to do now.


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I've been looking into the not being able to comment thing.
    I also switched my comments back to pop-up version (took me a while to figure out that this option is only available in the old blogger interface, and not the new one).

    The comment problem is still being looked into by blogger (its a cookie problem that needs to be fixed in collaboration with microsoft).

    So changing to pop-up will fix this for anyones own blog. There's also a work around for being able to post at other blogs who have comments embedded. To be able to post there, log out, log in again while UNchecking the 'stay logged in' checkbox. This will circumvent the cookie problem and if correct you'll be able to post comments then. Give it a try to see if it works, works so far for me.

    Hope this helps :)

  2. Oh my, happy to read that my blog is mentioned C: All the blogs I'm following have good designs, including yours of course; so kudos to you and everyone else!

  3. Thank you sir :)

    Everyone's got character bio's up, guess I'll get my own too.

  4. The intent with my blog's design is to look like a plain brown journal. The background being the color of the cover, and the the background of the posts themselves being the color of the paper.

    Do you think that comes across clearly? I realize it's not exactly super aesthetic, but I wanted a simple design.