Sunday, November 27, 2016

Arah Hell

Arah is no piece of cake and it definitely hasn't been one these last few days. I moved on to it after finishing Crucible of Eternity, and it has proven to be the most difficult dungeon of all so far. Finding a party is a challenge all by itself, and maintaining one is even tougher.

This isn't Arah, it's an area near the dungeon. I liked the screenshot, so I felt like posting it.

I had done part 2 a long time ago with my friends, but I still had parts 1, 3 and 4 left to do. I began part 4 first, as it was the first party I found in LFG. It was difficult, but we persevered at first. We got along well, and were determined to get through the dungeon. It worked at first.

It was at Giganticus Lupicus that things started going south. We had no clue how to do it, and couldn't figure out how exactly to get him stuck. His phase 2 kept sweeping our party, and after well over an hour of tries we became too tired to go on. Our party disbanded in good terms.

I eventually found a new party, this time with two experienced players who knew all the tricks to this dungeon. We got through part 4 impressively fast, with little to no difficulty. It was fun, although I missed the camaraderie from the last party.

I'm currently trying to find a new party for parts 1 and 3. I have been unsuccessful so far. The only party I found had three French players who refused to speak a word of English to anyone, and who lacked any teamwork mentality. They did not help anyone who was downed, refused to learn the correct strategies for bosses, interrupted us as we were trying to get Lupicus stuck, and were very sensitive to any form of criticism. My experience with the majority of French players online has never been good, and this was no exception.

Well, what better way to end the day than daily events? I love the new ones, they make us explore jumping puzzles and mini dungeons. They are truly lovely; I recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried them yet.

Hoping for better luck with dungeons tomorrow...

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