Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dungeons & Oozes

Lately I've been doing some dungeons, specifically the ones I still haven't done before. I am aiming for the Dungeon Master title. And I'll be damned, that Aether path in Twilight Harbor was a huge pain in the ass. It was the last path I needed to obtain the achievement.

I have also taken the time to finally complete the Silverwastes map, which frankly isn't all that exciting except for its Breach event.

Honor of the Waves is another dungeon for which I now have the achievement: all I needed was its story mode, which I completed with a few friendly people from map chat in Frostgorge Sound.

When I played in early 2015, AP meant something to the community, but I'm not sure how it is nowadays. People seem to be more focused on the mastery points. A fresh new player who joined only a few months ago, who has over 100 mastery points, mistook me for a novice only for having 5 mastery points, when in reality I've been on this game since its beta stage. But I'm not sure how I should be working on that, as I haven't really paid much attention to it and it doesn't seem to be going up at all.

Questions for another time.

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