Wednesday, November 23, 2016


In today's blog post I'll talk about the new legendary shield and the debate over its design, but first I'll sum up my past two or three days in game.

The last few days have been grindy, but rewarding. I've been doing one explorable dungeon per day in order to get the Dungeon Master title, and after I'm done with Crucible of Eternity all I'll have left to do is Arah. We have recruited more members for the guild, and we can now do dungeons together more frequently.

Those were part one and three, respectively. This dungeon has been amazing for farming the materials I need for my ascended armor set.

Anet has released the new legendary shield, Shooshadoo, just yesterday. I'm far from having it, so here's what it looks like, straight from the wiki:

It's a fish tank with a Quaggan, and it received some backlash on the forums. I think it's a nice shield, although it would have made a much better backpack. Lately on the forums, people have been criticizing Anet for their design choices: long clothing, too many outfits, large shoulder pads, extravagant designs, but I disagree.
I think designs like these are really what Guild Wars 2's theme is about. It's fantasy at its finest. Medieval humans coexist with sci-fi Asura and steampunk Charr. Swords and shields coexist with swords, tanks and airships. It's meant to be eccentric.
And regarding "large clothing", I think we have way more than enough games with skimpy armor out there, Anet has every right to make its game an exception if they want to. I'm glad they do so.

For next time, I might finally make the "gold making tips" guide I've been intending to do. Let's see how it turns out.

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