Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Southsun Day

There's one map I never really paid attention to in this game: Southsun Cove. In these last few days, one of the daily events brought me there, and since the map does look nice I decided to give it a shot.

I had never really bothered exploring this map before. The game doesn't give you any reason to: it's not part of the main questline, and it doesn't have all that much going on like any other map in Guild Wars 2: it barely has six waypoints and the same number of points of interest, all of which are fairly easy to obtain. There is a world boss that is relatively easy to take down, the Karka Queen. To get to this map, you need to use an Asura gate in Lion's Arch.

It's home to the Passiflora, from which you can harvest passion fruit... but then again, those are barely worth ten copper. There is an interesting jumping puzzle, which I haven't finished yet. I might make a Youtube video on it, if my old computer can still handle it. Regardless of this map being a little too empty in content, it's still a beautiful map nonetheless.

The Jumping Puzzle
In other news I've been trying to recruit members for my new guild, but it's been difficult so far. This is nothing new though: the first days of a guild's existence are always the toughest, as nobody wants to join a three member guild. I've had the chance to do some CoF with one of the first guild members, and I hope soon we can have a full party of our own. I'm hoping for better luck in the next few days.

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