Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lively Conversations

It's always fun chatting with other people while playing. What would the game be without its community? Of course, I don't mean the typical "where can I find this", "how do I get this done", "when is the next event" boring interrogation that is always happening in every map, at all times. I mean the more sophisticated community content submissions we get in the form of juicy gossip, flame wars and joke contests.

I've been working on Season 2 achievements with my main character. It's always an opportunity to do some Silverwastes event maps and travel to other maps I don't usually visit. I heard some people say this map was dead with the release of HoT, but that's hardly the case. It's great experience for Tyria masteries, and it doesn't hurt the wallet either.

The commander tag comes in handy for these events. Earlier that day, I was on Dry Top and managed to kill a legendary boss I had never slain before, all thanks to my commander tag. If it wasn't for it, I wouldn't have managed to draw as much attention to it as I did. The Sand Giant was a particularly tough boss, it wiped us out twice early on when we weren't numerous enough, and even when more people arrived it was difficult to organize the event because of the sandstorm.

And then there's my find of the day: role players. Two days ago I happened across this tavern in Ebonhawke and found it was full of people role playing their characters. I had never seen this before. It seems to happen at around 8pm, so now I go there everyday at that time. Initially, I just stood at the bar and listened to what other people were saying. I have to admit I wasn't very impressed with much of what was going on. Many role players go for the typical, bland "I suffered a difficult youth and now I'm an easily triggered emo" kind of character. A minority of them seem to have good stories going on, but are fairly reserved and won't trust you easily. Finally, I did come across someone with a more interesting character who was also open for chatting.

A conversation with Craze Ashclaw
While I wouldn't spend an entire day doing this, it's still fun to do as a quick break from grinding. I do enjoy role playing, so why not give it a shot? My character even has a fitting biography now. Armathyx is a commander on a pact airship. That makes her second in command after the captain, in a crew of around fifteen members. For reference, the ranks in a warship are usually captain, commander, lieutenant, and midshipman. Nothing too big, nothing too small, but still exciting, and suitable for my gear.

Hoping to get those S2 quests done by tonight.

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