Sunday, December 11, 2016

Make Me Quest

I've never been harsh about GW2 on this blog. I enjoy almost everything about this game, but questing... why, Anet? I did almost all of the Mordremoth quests yesterday. I had some of S2 left to do on my main, mostly for the achievements. And I was disappointed overall.

I remember long ago when I finally unlocked Desert Treasure on Runescape. I took on that quest knowing it would be very difficult. Yeah, when I began that quest, all I had at my disposal were eighth mirrors reflecting different areas all across Gielinor, and that was it.
On Runescape, you had no quest markers spoiling the locations you had to discover, and there was no NPC telling you where to go next, it was your quest and you had to figure it all out. Of course, you could google up the answers and rush to the rewards. But in my case, I bought access to the game so that I could play it, not so that someone else could play it for me.

And there I was in the desert, with a cat...
In another quest, Mourning's End P.2, you had to guide a light beam across a three floor maze. The goal was to unlock access to a hidden altar. You had various mirrors and colored crystals which allowed you to split, reflect and recolor the beam so as to redirect it through the correct path with the correct color. Not only that, but the maze was full of high levelled ghosts that made it difficult to navigate. It took me ten hours to finish this quest, first finding the safe spots so I could map the dungeon on paper and then running various tests to see how the light beam worked. And I loved having such a difficult challenge.

What happened to this kind of quests?

To me, Mordremoth quests reached their peak during the exploration of Glint's Lair. It's a very beautiful map and it's the only time I remember having to solve a puzzle, even if it was a bit too easy. I'm not talking about the story of course, it remains good all the way to the end, but as far as actual questing goes this seems to be the best it has to offer.

Aside from Glint's Lair, the rest of the content was just hack n' slash against the Mordrem. I have no problem with hack n' slash games when it's something well done like Metal Gear Rising or Devil May Cry, but GW2 doesn't have the crazy fun sword mechanics of MGR, has no penalty for death like many other RPGs, and in this case there's even three NPCs there to rescue you if you ever get downed. So it ain't these bland, easy boss fights that are gonna help fix the train wreck these quests already are.

And then there's all these parts that could have been challenging, like figuring it out how to open the gate to Caithe's hideout, that are fed to us with a silver spoon. You don't have to figure out that it requires the Torch of Divine Fire and then track it down by yourself, the NPCs conveniently do that for you. All you need to do is just kill some ghosts and loot their ethereal inventories for unheard until now artifacts and that's it, here's your legendary divine torch you worked so hard for.

Now kill another scripted dragon. Have some achievements to unlock so that you don't complain too much about the difficulty.

I'll give Anet one thing: they have the balls to kill off their main characters, even though Eir was expendable at this point. Killing Rox would have been more impressive.

So, a great storyline with terrible delivery. Might as well have been a movie if it was all about the story. This isn't something new however, it's happened to every MMO, even to Runescape. I'm not sure what's to blame for it, but I suspect it's the community. Why would game devs bother creating complex, mind challenging quests if most people are impatient reward mongers who will devalue their work by skipping past all the puzzles with online guides? It's either this, or Anet is taking us for idiots.

Oh well, at least Faolain dies.


  1. Whoooops. I'll try very hard to forget that last picture. That was one of my favourite characters! I'm not that far in the story yet.

  2. Ow, I'm sorry for the spoiler! I thought it would become apparent as I went that I was going through the most important parts of the story, but if it's any help I can assure you that's only the tip of the iceberg. The events that lead up to this happening are pretty crazy.