Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas day and there would be no better day to post the sequel to my Wintersday post. In the previous blog post I talked about Tixx's Infinarium, Winter Wonderland and Snowball Mayhem, so today it's time to shine the spotlight on Bell Choir and Toypocalypse. These are two completely different minigames, one which I loved and another which strongly disappointed me.


Toypocalypse is a tower defense game that takes place in Tixx's Infinarium. It's about breaking the various props scattered around the area and building catapults, snowmen or ballistas with their drops, in ordrer to destroy the waves of rampaging toys that are attempting to kill the Dolyaks.
I love the concept of tower defense games, but this one is just far too easy. It requires no skill or strategy at all. Catapults are extremely overpowered and can be placed just about anywhere to win the game. You can just place them exactly where you found them everytime and you'll have no problem winning this minigame. It's literaly more difficult to lose the game than to win it, you'd have to agree with your team to only use ballistas in order for it to get interesting, and that's never going to happen. I really wanted this to be challenging because it could be really fun, but it failed to deliver on that.

Bell Choir

Bell Choir is probably the most difficult minigame in this Wintersday collection and it makes it one of the most exciting alongside Snowball Mayhem once you master it. It's very frustrating at first, as you get kicked out for making too many mistakes, which slows down your learning process, but once you get the hang of it it's quite fun. I suggest remapping your hotkeys and looking at the minigame from above, like in the screenshot, so as to make it more comfortable. It's a very rewarding minigame as well, both for karma and for Wintersday gifts.

By now I've unlocked all the non-infinite achievements, so I've pretty much done everything this Wintersday has to offer. To wrap up my impression of these events, I think they're a great way of making gold, but Toypocalypse in particular could really use being more challenging and entertaining.

As for actual Christmas, I got a 4000 gem gift card, which is the most gems I've ever had in this game. I will be talking about how I spent those gems in a future blog post, as it's really not an easy choice when you want to invest them properly. In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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