Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Wintersday!

It's been a busy week for me, but holidays are finally here and it's Christmas time. In Tyria it's called Wintersday, and it's being held in Divinity's Reach for the third consecutive year. It's the most suitable place for the event, due to its size and general theme. The events are fun and there's plenty of gold to be made. I haven't done every activity yet, but in this blog post I'll be talking about what I've done so far, and trying to answer the question I see many people asking: should you sell or open the wintersday gifts?

Tixx's Infinarium

This might be the first activity most people notice, as it's the big portal immediately downstairs from the waypoint. It's a dungeon and it will, of course, be much easier with a team than alone. It doesn't take that long to finish either. Tixx's Infinarium is mostly about preventing the Skritt from stealing presents or defending NPC's from malfunctioning toy soldiers. I do it regularly for the rewards, because it's probably the easiest way to farm Wintersday Gifts.

Winter Wonderland

This is the jumping puzzle. Like all jumping puzzles, it's a pain in the ass the first time you do it, but once you get the hang of it it's much easier. I don't think I'll be going back to it once I have the achievement for doing it three times.

Snowball Mayhem

This is easily my favorite Wintersday activity. I dislike PvP in GW2, but Snowball Mayhem is great fun. There's three premade classes and you're given one at random at the beginning of each game. It's like Capture the Flag, but with presents.

Of the instanced activities, I haven't done Bell Choir and I've only been in the final rounds of a Toypocalypse instance, so I'll post about those later.

Open world activities

These include building snowmen on magic snow, donating gifts to the orphans, protecting the Dolyak in Divinity's Reach from the Skritt, and a few other things I might have missed. To donate 30 wrapped gifts to the orphans a day, I simply buy those cheap ugly wool socks from the Trading Post, then I get rolls of wrapping paper from the Charity Corps Seraph near Tixx's Infinarium, and then exchange those for the wrapped gifts from the same NPC.

The Wintersday Gifts

So the deal with these gifts is that they sell for a good price, but they also have a small chance of containing even more profitable items. A stack of 250 wrapped gifts is worth around 14 gold, but each of them has a chance of dropping one of five miniatures worth up to 18 gold each, and an even smaller chance of dropping a Winter's Heart Infusion, which is currently worth a whopping 830 gold on the Trading Post.

Players have reported that opening these gifts usually yields 75% of the benefit you'd get by simply selling them. So as long as you're earning them from the events, you're making profit anyway. The only way you can lose money is if you buy them, but even with a reported drop rate of 1 in 100 000, going for the Infusion is a low risk gamble, given that you don't actually lose all of your money. In my case, earning a total of 75g instead of 100g out of this event doesn't make much a difference, so I'm opening them all in hopes of finding an infusion and winning those 830g. 

After all, it's Christmas and it's time to open presents!

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  1. Ohhh my, the Winter Wonderland puzzle. I was soooo frustrated by that one (I suck at jumping puzzles)! Eventually I caved and let my boyfriend do it for me. I just really, really, REALLY wanted that plush griffon. <3 <3 <3

    I must admit that GW2 has some pretty cool winter holiday events.

    Merry Wintersday to you, too!