Thursday, December 29, 2016

Solving the Login Error (42:1000:7006:1231)

Various players and I have been having this problem occasionally where we get disconnected from the game and can't log back in at all for an hour or so. When trying to log in from the launcher, it returns the error code 42:1000:7006:1231, and when attempting to access GW2's website, it returns an error code as well. Luckily, I've discovered two solutions for this, but they're not very convenient. In this blog post, I'll list the various solutions that have either worked for me or for other people.

Solutions that seem to have worked for others

I've sent a ticket to GW2 Support and we've tested various solutions, but didn't come to a conclusion on what was causing this problem. The first method, which seems to work for some people, is this:

1. Locate the file “GW2.exe” and right-click it, selecting “Create Shortcut.”
2. Rename this shortcut to “Guild Wars 2 Port Test.”
3. Right-click on this shortcut and select “Properties.”
4. Edit the “Target” line to include /clientport 80 at the end. Note: Please make sure /clientport 80 is outside of the quotes.
— Correctly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe” /clientport 80
— Incorrectly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe /clientport 80”
5. Once completed, click “Ok” to save your changes. If you get an error trying to save, your target line may not have the correct format. Please try Step 4 again.
6. Double click “Guild Wars 2 Port Test” and try connecting again.

When that didn't work for me, I tried other tweaks that seem to have worked for other people on the forums. These include:
  • Resetting the modem,
  • Entering "netsh winsock reset" on the cmd window and restarting the computer,
  • Changing the game to another language and then back to English
  • Disabling both the firewall and antivirus (didn't work and I wouldn't recommend it anyway),
  • Enabling ports 80, 443 and 6112 on my router,
  • Tried this entire guide,
  • Moving the Guild Wars 2 folder to another directory.


Solutions that certainly work for me

 None of the methods listed above have worked for me. But there are two things that work for sure: using a VPN, or connecting my computer directly to the modem. These two things completely solve the problem. However, VPN's aren't free, I merely used a trial version of Tunnel Bear for three days to test it out. As for connecting my computer to the modem via a cable, it sure works, but it's still inconvenient for me to have a cable all the way from the modem to my computer: there are two doors and a corridor in the way. The game ran for two or three days on wifi after that however, until it began to crash again and I had to use the cable trick once more.

The source of the problem?

I still can't figure out what's causing this all of a sudden. The game has ran fine since its release in 2012. This has only been happening roughly since the Wintersday update, it happens very randomly and only those two solutions above work for me. It's also happening exclusively on Guild Wars 2, every other game runs just fine.

If someone out there finds a convenient solution to this, so that the game can be played via wifi and without a VPN, I'd be very grateful to know!


  1. I have had the same issue with the same error code from Path of Fire 24/09/17 update. /clientport 80 worked for me.