Saturday, December 31, 2016

Scape Santa!

I've been away on holidays lately, and I haven't been on GW2 since I left. I didn't have much to do last night, so I logged on to Runescape (the old school version, of course) and decided to its Christmas quest.
I don't play this game very often. The standard Runescape is ruined beyond repair, so I've never returned on my main character, which had 2500 hours of progress. My new character on Old School is still low level, but the great thing about Runescape is that you can enjoy the game no matter what your level is. 

It always feels great to quest on Runescape, and it's good to have fresh new content. No quest markers on the map, no automated journal telling you everything you have to do, in Runescape you're meant to read the dialogue and figure things out by yourself. Of course, the Christmas quest is very easy in comparison to the regular ones, but it's still a good appetizer.

This year's Christmas quest was about freeing overworked toy makers from the tyrannical troll Carol, who had forgotten the Christmas spirit and only cared about making profit.

During the quest, we make numerous attempts at reminding her of what Christmas is about, but to no avail, as all she cares about is "meeting targets", as in meeting the financial goals she's set for her company to accomplish. Sadly, it's kind of the same mentality a majority of the Runescape community seems to fall victim to, always referring to anything that isn't efficient grinding as an "xp waste".

Eventually, an Oracle gives us a vision of the workers walking deep into the tunnels for rest and getting themselves killed by ghost dragons. This is the pivotal point of the quest. 

At first, Carol doesn't believe the Oracle, thinking it was all a plan to fool her. To get around this, we disguise as the ghost of a dead worker and scare her off. However, she abandons the factory, leaving it without a leader.

Luckily, Diango, the holiday presents NPC from Draynor, volunteers as the new leader, saving Christmas for everyone. The rewards from this quest are Christmas crackers, which contain the iconic party hats, as well as the Santa hat and two new wearable items: a giant present and a sack of presents.

Doing this quest has made me reconsider playing Runescape. However, if I do get back to it, it never lasts too long. The game is old and quickly loses interest when I don't have anything special going on. I might just try to finish the freeplay quests on this character.

May Guthix be with you!

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