Thursday, December 1, 2016

The New Dailies

In today's blog post, I'll be talking about the new daily events and about how I finally got my Dungeon Master title.

The somewhat recent daily events are a bit different from the original ones. They are different enough that they are a lot more fun to do. In addition to the two gold reward you get for completing at least three of them, you're now given a greater variety of things to do, and it's an entertaining way of exploring all those jumping puzzles and mini dungeons you had never cared about before.

This is Sanctum Sprint and it's one of the activities I have discovered through the new daily event system. In addition to some extra achievement points, it's quite fun to do when there are enough people around. In my case, we were about ten. You can use certain abilities to boost yourself or slow others down, just like in Mario Kart.

Speeding through the start

The finish

These new events are often more laid back than the standard ones, except maybe for the suicide-inducing jumping puzzles. It often results in a friendly environment with other players. Overall they are a great addition to the game and certainly help out with achievement points if you're a completionist like myself.

And yes, at long last I have obtained my Dungeon Master title! With dungeon parties becoming scarce, it was quite a challenge to complete all paths of Arah, but I finally got through with it.

It's not so hard once you have a good group. Not necessarily an experienced, speed running group, but just a group you can get along with. Communication is important when running difficult dungeons, and the lack of it was one of the main obstacles I encountered while doing Arah.

After this adventure of mine, I felt bored of playing my Engineer and I've been thinking about starting a new character. I still have to do S2 quest achievements and unlock a ton of masteries in HoT areas, and I need my level 80 character to do that. However, I also fell in love with the guardian class and I've been dying to play one. I find it quite a shame that mastery levels can only be trained past level 80, because it discourages me from playing new characters. But it might not be too much of a problem in the end; if I really enjoy playing a guardian, it will definitely be worth the time.

The next blog post might just be about that new character...

Oh, also, my fiancée's character is so much smaller than mine!

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