Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Journey Restored

All this talk about what is and isn't a real quest has brought back some good old memories. I've decided to restore what little I could find of my old blog, and while searching I've found this notebook of my quests on Runescape. I took these notes to remember what NPCs said, and to figure out how to solve the quests on paper. Sadly, I can't find my Mourning's End Part II hand drawn map.

I wonder what the walrus was?
I think that's the Hunt for Surok quest. You can also see my Construction list on the right side.
This is probably about levelling Runecrafting.
The skill requirements for God knows what quest.
This was to solve a puzzle in one of those Master desert quests, I have no idea how it worked.
Figuring out the culprit in King's Ransom
While Guthix Sleeps.
I used to own a blog, mostly about Runescape, which I used from 2009 to 2011. It was deleted and the reason for that is a story for another day, but luckily I had roughly a third of it printed out before that happened. Blogger has a convenient tool that allows us to change the date of a blog post and archive it where it belongs.

I have scanned half of the pages so far and I'll have to remake every blog post as it was. It's pretty tedious but it's cool to have it back. 

Blogging is a great way of recording good memories isn't it? It's one of the reasons I decided to begin writing down my adventures back then.

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