Monday, January 30, 2017

End of January

I love January, it's a month that often leaves me with a feeling of renewal. It's been a great month, mostly in real life as I've been very busy with it, but also in game. As it comes to an end, I'm writing this personal post about what I've been doing on GW2. My older blog entries all used to be personal logs about what I had accomplished during the past two or three days in games. However, ever since I've discovered that writing about general gaming topics gets me plenty of views I've been tempted into writing that content instead and it's taken me away from recording my own progress. I'd like to get back to the old ways.

First things first. As of today, these are my characters:

In order, the first one is Ragnar Quagganborn, my Norn RP character who was born with the soul of an ancient Quaggan and is destined to defeat Jormag and absorb its soul. He's a Ranger and is currently level 69, wearing clothes from random loot and quests. Then there's Master Zeth, my lowest level character, a level 17 thief which I'll surely get back to when I'm done leveling the other characters. The next one is Ysiutaru, a level 64 elementalist I'm currently playing both as a RP and PvP character. Moving on, there's my main Armathyx, an engineer and by far the character I've played the most. Finally the human in heavy armor is Octavius Artoria, the character I boosted to level 80 with the HoT expansion, which I've never really played and have been considering remaking into a Charr instead so that I have all races.

This is my bank as of today, and as I was taking the screenshot I must have either realized how poor I am or how meaningless banks are in this game. In Runescape whenever you'd take a picture of your bank, not only would you have to open paint several times to line up all the screenshots it took to capture it, but you'd get a really decent resume of your character, as you'd store all your items and wealth in it, including the various recurring quest items and event rewards. In GW2 most items are trash, and "wealth" comes in various forms such as karma, achievement points, titles and what not, so it takes away the charm of a bank screenshot.

So this month I began crafting my medium ascended armor, thinking I had enough materials in storage to make it all in one go. Turns out it required 36 elonian leather squares rather than the 18 this guide recommended, so I got stuck after making the chest, legs and helmet and I've been too lazy to farm the rest of the materials since then.

I also joined an RP guild on my Sylvari, called Niamh's Right Hand. Fun times. I have the impression that some people frown upon RP as "too nerdy", but being a casual gamer myself I can't understand where this comes from. I've been guild hopping for a while now and this is the first guild since Moonlight Howl that I've actually come to enjoy being part of.
Apparently these training events happen every Monday, so I'm guessing I'll have something else to talk about in just a few hours.

The Quagganborn's nearly level 80, and that's a good thing because he can actually share the new ascended medium armor with Armathyx, and eventually Master Zeth as well, despite all three of them having a massive difference in body size. Ascended armor seems like it can really stretch a lot.

My goal at the moment is to get all my characters to level 80 and have them geared. Exotic armor will be enough for those that don't wear medium armor. It's enough for me to have three characters which can run fractals. I hope to improve my skills at PvP as well, might blog about that next.

I'm wondering what type of gear I should wear on a dual dagger elementalist in PvE?


  1. It's always interesting to see what characters other bloggers play. You seem to have a very diverse taste, playing a broad range of classes, races and gender. Cool!

  2. I tend to agree about the bank in GW2 although it does develop into something more interesting over time. I have 12 tabs in my main account plus a fully extended Guild Bank for our main guild and a partially completed one for my personal guild. (We got those back under the old system and thankfully they were grandfathered in under the new one, so even the existence of those guild banks is kind of a nostalgia trip in itself).

    I keep a lot of the superannuated quest items and suchlike from Living Stories in my bank. The ones from LS1 will almost certainly never appear in game again so those are very nostalgic. I did the same in EverQuest but the storage options in EQ and EQ2 are so incredibly vast and varied that I've long since forgotten where my keepsakes from the early 2000s are kept. At least I can find things in my GW2 bank!

    1. I would have loved to have some of those S1 quest items in bank. I had the game as soon as it was released, but then I didn't really play it until late 2014, so I missed out on all of that content.