Saturday, January 14, 2017

Journey into Maguuma Part II

I haven't been very active lately due to homework, but I got back into writing again this weekend. I have plenty of content to post, so I'll start with the second part of my exploration in Heart of Thorns maps.

Auric Basin is the next of the four Heart of Maguuma maps, and it's by far the best looking. With very few wreckage of the Pact fleet and very luscious vegetation along with an amazing looking temple, it caught my attention as one of the best looking maps in game.

Oh and I've also obtained a new set of armor! The old one's still in bank.

Auric Basin is home to the Exalted, a community of ancient beings who inhabit Tarir, the Forgotten City. They're friendly to Tyrians and help in the fight against Mordremoth during the main quest. Their city looks very impressive, although its height makes it very hazardous and difficult to explore if you're not paying attention.

The map has several minigames, which in lore serve as trials and challenges for the Exalted to chose heroes who can help them fight the Mordrem. They are fun to do and are an easy, risk free way of farming experience.

Some masteries are required to complete the map, such as the second Exalted lore mastery and the final gliding mastery. The latter can be circumvented with the help of a mesmer or a Teleport to Friend item found in Black Lion Chests. It actually took me longer to complete this map than Verdant Brink simply because I had to farm those masteries, but I felt that it was overall easier to navigate.

Some parts of this map reminded me of old school games. The area in the above screenshot, which is part of one of the minigames, reminded me of the pyramid in Super Mario 64 for some reason. The challenge is to climb it all the way up within a time limit.

Auric Basin is one of the best examples of great mapping in Guild Wars 2. It's an explorer's dream come true. Sadly the next map is much more of a pain in the ass!

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