Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Non-Human races

GW2 has five playable races. As most beginners, I went human back when I started in 2012. I regret making that decision sometimes, because humans get boring once you learn to appreciate the other races. Armathyx is my main character and remaking her would be a crime, so I do play an alt from time to time just for the sake of variety.

Up until now, I never thought I would play a Norn in Guild Wars 2. I never thought I would enjoy it! But not only has my living cliché Ragnar Quagganborn brought a smile to my face, it seems to get the most reactions out of people as well whenever I speak in chat.

There's no way around it, everyone is guilty of first impressions, and each race has its own strong vibe in this game. The problem with humans is the image players give them as the boring first character everyone goes with, and particularly female human characters, since they're high in demand for how much better the armor looks in general. Another problem is the name itself, "Humans". Really, Anet? Couldn't you come up with something more creative?

Meanwhile, the Norn seem to look friendly by default. I've seen many Charr players have a flamboyant attitude, Sylvari being mysterious, and Asura being either shy or intellectual. I woulnd't say that the choice of an in-game race changes people's attitude, but I don't think it would be crazy to believe it has a small influence on it, depending on how immersed you are in your character. In my case, the name helps a lot as well, as I've seen Skyrim fans laughing at the name or PMing me asking how the Quagganborn's legend went. Here's some cool conversations:

 Sadly I missed out on the best ones, but those were some great times anyway. As for the race itself, its appearance, lore, city and quests, everything is a lot more exciting than I expected. I thought it would be a watered down copy of Skyrim, but it really isn't. Everything about the Norn is absurdly exaggerated, but not to the extent of looking silly. It's just the right dose to make it look fun and still seem credible in the world of Tyria.

Even chicken become much larger (and manlier) when you pick them up! 

In other news, I decided to open up this blog to other games I also play, and all that means is I'll be changing the header title, because it already is about various games. It started out on Skyrim, and although I've only been on GW2 recently, I doubt I'll stay on it forever.

There's an MMO coming out soon called Project: Gorgon. I wonder if it's worth checking out...

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