Sunday, February 19, 2017


I thought I was done with dungeons after I unlocked my Dungeon Master title. Oh, how wrong I was. There's nothing better for a casual guild party than a quick dungeon run, and with a guild like this it's easy to enjoy just about any kind of dungeon. So yesterday we chose Ascalonian Catacombs and went for a full run.

It ended up not being a full run however, as we decided to leave Detha's path out. Even then, a bug made her spawn in that gigantic hall where she sets up her traps to kill the ghost graveling boss. She was visibly unhappy about being left out.

The dungeon run wasn't without accidents, but it was great fun. We hadn't done this in a long time. Most bosses felt noticeably easier to kill thanks to our improved character builds and knowledge of the dungeon, but it was still challenging to get past certain parts, which kept the run interesting.

Today we started out with a guild event. Dragon Stand no less, a map event our guild commanders handled smoothly. It's the first time I've had the opportunity to successfully complete the huge event chain, and it has helped a lot with experience, materials and map completion.

Here's our squad, led by commander Shiroiki Mei, going through the North lane.

We moved on to guild missions. These were great for some extra loot, and we had some good laughs. I really enjoy the atmosphere in PSDH, it's easygoing as far as I can tell, which a relief from the tense atmosphere in my previous guild NRH.

We're all tiny!
And I finally finished my ascended gear! It was about time, I just bought the remaining elonian leather squares I needed and crafted the last parts. Sadly, I really disliked the armor's appearance, so I changed its skin to Carapace Armor, which is one of my favorites.

It's a relief to finally be done with all this crafting. It took me three months and a lot of gold and materials to finish this set. I don't think I'll ever want to craft another one, but perhaps I'll prove myself wrong. One thing is for sure: I now have the correct gear to be doing high level fractals later on!

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