Friday, February 17, 2017

Lost in the Sands

I was in the Silverwastes yesterday, doing daily events with my guild, when I heard of the map's jumping puzzle and decided to give it a try. Little did I know, I was getting myself into one of the longest and craziest jumping puzzles out there.

The guild event
The puzzle begins in Drydock Grotto, on the South end of the upside down ship, which by itself is a sight to see. The ship seemingly fell into this gigantic sinkhole and got stuck halfway through; a group of friendly Skritt have made it their home, and built a few bridges, but it's still a dangerous area for anyone not wearing a glider.

At first there's no real jumping involved. It's a really long path through a fascinating sandstone cavern, decorated with a few distractions such as this boiling cauldron. It wasn't particularly difficult to find the correct path, as it's quite intuitive.

 The path took me to the plateaus above the Silverwastes, from which I could get a unique view of the area... and some screenshots. It's a very quiet place, I didn't happen across anyone on my way to the final jumping puzzle.

There's various checkpoints, and the real fun begins by the 8th checkpoint. I reached a huge cavern with many hidden Skritt tunnels. From there, I had to figure out the correct order of the tunnels so that I could get to the top of the cavern. It's quite a sight from up there.

The puzzle has a generous reward at the end: a Magnificent Chest and a mastery point for Tyria. It took me over two hours to get there, but what a journey it was! 

There's also a diving spot there, if you go further up a little. You get to jump from above the ship and have to land on a small pool at the bottom of the sinkhole. Sadly I missed the jump and landed just next to it, dying instantly with over 5 million fall damage!

This was easily my favorite jumping puzzle for how adventurous it felt. I usually don't like the tedious ones. Hoping to see more of these!

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