Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One too many toons

In previous games you'd be satisfied to own one character and stick with it all the way to the end. It used to be the norm in the previous MMORPGs I played, as those old school games were very grindy and required commitment to one character in order to be successful.
I've been doing the same thing up until now in Guild Wars 2. I've almost exclusively played my engineer since I began and I never felt the need to change. However, after spending 500 hours on it, I felt like trying other classes in depth and it's been a great experience overall.
Why owning multiple characters and belonging to multiple guilds are being encouraged in this game, I don't know, but I don't really mind the former.

I haven't had much time to play over this last week, but I managed to get my two new characters to level 80! They were both past level 70, so it didn't require all that much effort.

Both my elementalist and my ranger are now fully geared for dungeons and low level fractals; I tried condition damage gear on my Ranger, but I didn't like the build very much so far, so I'll probably go for the classic berserker gear in the future. I don't play either of these characters all that often.

And what else could I have done after getting two characters to level 80, if not getting yet another one? I deleted my warrior, and after some thought I went with a Mesmer. Wanted to make it a Charr just so that I could have one character of each race, but I frankly don't like that race very much and went with another human instead. Playing Mesmer as a human female just feels right for whatever reason.

I'm taking my time with it and trying out all the weapons and utility skills one by one to get a good idea on how to play this class. This "illusionist jedi class" is quite strategic, which is what I enjoy the most about it, and it gets to use some of my favorite weapons, such as sword and board, the focus and the greatsword.

I have some gear objectives for this character. They are Ornate Guild Armor, Accursed Chains, and most importantly, Twilight, which will be my first legendary. I don't plan to craft it, however, as I believe that I can obtain it more quickly by farming the gold to purchase it directly.

Finally, this weekend I'm organizing a Silkroad Online party. It requires 8 people and so far there's only me and a friend, so I'm looking for 6 people who would like to join us. It's only meant to last a few hours and it's purely for the fun of it, as it's an easy to get, easy to learn and very action packed game. If you're interested in joining, leave a comment below!


  1. I used to be the same in my first MMO (Lord of the Rings Online), but by the time I started playing Guild Wars 2 the first thing I did was to create 5 characters, so I could try out the classes that sounded the most fun to me. :)

    As for your party, do you have Discord? There's a gamer blogger channel there (all nice people) - could ask there.

    1. Discord is on browser and I've used it before, it would be no problem for us to setup our party there for talking. I'm gathering the group on Skype in the meantime, because it's more convenient for us to chat there. I'm glad you are coming :)