Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Fractal Team

Every now and then I'll come across someone in GW2 reminding me that raids and fractals are the ultimate PvE content for the most talented players. I like difficult team content, but not with random players I'll never see afterward. I've played Starcraft and League of Legends for years and I found that constantly changing teams isn't a very fruitful experience; you don't get to build a good team and make friends.

So this last weekend, I organized a fractal run with members of the guild I'm currently in, and it went very smoothly.

The first fractal we chose was Swamp, as it is considered one of the easiest. The idea was to start from the easiest and work our way up to higher levels. This is so as to give everyone time to complete their ascended armor. It's also to ensure we did not fail on the first try, something that could have discouraged team members from coming back again.

Enjoying our success, we went on to do the Thaumanova Reactor fractal. This is the one that takes place in Metrica Province. I dislike having to see Scarlett again; she's a poorly written Mary Sue that should've never been added to this game's story, but overall it's an interesting fractal with a good boss fight.

It was a pleasant event with a great team. I noticed one guild member, Cassryn, was very helpful throughout the event, which was great on his part. It's what I've been looking for, a simple guild dungeon or fractal run. We used to do these almost every day in my old guild, up until most of us quit more than a year ago.

Looking-For-Group and other automatic party matching tools are very convenient in MMO's, but sadly they're also really bad for forming long lasting groups and friendships. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep running these events!


  1. Nice to hear you've been having fun running group content with guildies. I much prefer that to playing with randoms, too. I very rarely pug, and if I do it's not usually for the hardest group content.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks! Is it the same in the MMOs you play?