Monday, February 27, 2017

The Restless Ghost

The Restless Ghost is a classical Runescape quest. It's about helping a ghost find rest by retrieving his stolen skull. I've become more involved in Guild Wars 2 roleplaying recently, and had the opportunity of organizing a re-enactment of this quest with people who didn't knew what it was about.

For this event, we had roleplayers XerlentaAsmoudai, Farawy Gearbreaker, Lolivia Angelfall, Mizkk and Cassio Cicciareli. As for me, I used my mesmer, Iona Sunfire, a character for whom I wrote a profile here.

Many roleplayers in GW2 stick to taverns, which can get boring, but going out on quests like these is quite fun. The quests I'm organizing are lighthearted in nature and allow for some camaraderie among us.

They also help give meaning to some forgotten areas, like that shack in Queensdale's swamp.

We even had some great improvisations! The event truly exceeded my expectations. Everyone brought a touch of originality to their role, which is the best outcome I could've imagined.

Some of the characters became recurring and may show up in future quests. There will be one of these every Saturday. I might change it to Wednesday eventually. The event thread can be found at the following link:

Most roles for the next quest, the Wizard's Tower, are still open. I have no doubt that with everyone there it will be just as good as the first quest!

In fact, all this might even have encouraged me to play Runescape again... could Iona's adventures go beyond GW2? Is it time for a change?

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  1. I searched for Lolivia and this pic came up, woot, make Lolivia great again.