Thursday, February 2, 2017

Triple Trouble

As I was mapping Bloodtide Coast, I saw some announcements on map chat for Triple Trouble and decided to give it a try, as I had never participated in a successful event for this world boss. It's commonly believed to be the toughest, and I can see why, as it takes a lot of coordination and the time limit leaves no breathing space.

It was organized by Piken Square Dragon Hunters, a PvE guild that proved its talent during the event and was exceptionally communicative with those who weren't members of their community.

The event started off well, I hit the 4500 achievement points mark thanks to all the achievements I missed at this world boss.

However, the event failed the first time, as we couldn't kill it before the time ran out. Luckily, PSDH were able to respawn the Wurm, something I didn't know was possible.

There's three Wurms: Amber, Crimson and Cobalt. Here I was at Crimson, led by commander Ardi Veftvohl; the event involved charging three batteries with colored phytotoxins and attacking the Wurm once it became vulnerable.

 When each Wurm is slain, their heads are ripped off the ground and all there is left to do is finish them off, which is easier said than done.

 After the event was over, players gathered near the coast where it began and thanked the commanders and PSDH for organizing it. It was a lively chat all the way through; for me it's a reminder of how much I love open world content above anything else in this game.

The event's reward is 2 gold along with various drops, similarily to Tequatl. If it happened to be organized like this more often, I'd participate every day, but as it is I guess I'll have it as a weekend event from now on.


  1. Hi Armathyx, this is Mr_Dark/Darkward (PSDH Guild Leader). Just passing by to give my thanks for the kind words, you (and anyone reading this) are always welcome to join us on one of our organised events as we organise these events for the community, the whole guild is just an extension on that :) Just look on our website for the full schedule.

    1. Thank you, I will be there too on Saturday, I might show up on my main this time!

  2. I still have to complete the Meta on Triple Trouble. Done everything except two of the three heads separately but annoyingly the achievement tracker doesn't say which I've killed and I can't remember.

    I don't do it often but these days it's generally quite good fun. It was utterly awful for months when it was new, though. As, for that matter, was Teq, although Teq got fixed a lot faster.

    I still really enjoy Teq and do it for fun quite often even though I long ago completed all the achievements. Triple Wurm I probably will never touch again when I finally finish that meta.

    1. I keep doing Tequatl everyday, because in the 100 or so times I've done it I've had three ascended weapon chests. I've seen a few players getting precursors out of it, and besides that it's a fun and easy event to do. If you try TT I recommend you contact the guild I mentionned here, they're very good at it.