Thursday, March 23, 2017

A beginner's jail break quest

There's various types of quests in Runescape, from finding lost artifacts to solving intricate crimes. This time, I went for the game's starter jail break quest: Prince Ali Rescue.

I ventured East to Al Kharid yesterday, where I'd find the quest Prince Ali Rescue, one of the longest freeplay quests. Among the quests I've done so far, this is the first one to require a little bit of thought in order to complete, even though it's still relatively straightforward, and thus makes a perfect example of an introduction to questing in Runescape.

This quest can be considered as the first stepping stone to the more difficult ones later on. It's a jail break quest, and so it's bound to be entertaining. You're still given quite a lot of directions so that you get familiarized with the game: store locations, where to obtain dies and rope, and and how to use certain items.

I already knew all of the above, so it was easy for me to get through it, even though I hadn't done it in a whole ten years. The NPCs will ask you to create a disguise for the prince, a distraction for the guards and a replica of the key to the prison cell. I won't post any spoilers in case you're interested in giving this game a try.

Notice what's going on between the two screenshots above? Well, that's how he gets out! A fun quest to do for a beginner with a tone of humor to it. One of my favorite starter quests.

To this day I'm still unsure why other MMOs don't have quests like these...

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