Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Count Draynor

The time had come to confront the first quest boss. I wasn't sure whether I'd make it or not, mostly due to my low level in defense, but I went ahead hoping for the best.

Much like yesterday's quest, Vampire Slayer turned out to be very straightforward. These are still beginner quests with no puzzles involved, as are most of the freeplay quests. Morgan here asked me to kill a vampire that was menacing Draynor, the village, but first he asked that I get help from a retired vampire slayer.

So, nothing difficult, he only had to sober up a little before telling me how to kill the vampire, which of course is done with some garlic and a stake as inspired from folklore.

I had done this quest a few times before, as with all freeplay quests, and I must admit this was the most intense fight I've ever had with Count Draynor. Limited to a steel sword and a mere level 19 combat or so, it was very tough to defeat him. I wasn't doing enough damage and he just kept regenerating, even respawning once. I finally got lucky and landed several hits just as I ran out of food, successfully finishing him.

I'm not sure how it's gonna be in Dragon Slayer, but I've been reconsidering my Iron Man mode. I'm playing the game legit anyway, without using guides, and this mode is just slowing me down rather than adding true difficulty. On top of that, I found out today that I'm not able to visit other player's houses, which is quite a drawback for me.

With all that said, I was thinking about writing something about this game's community. A substantial review of it for anyone interested in playing. But for now I'll just leave this video, which expresses my exact feelings on it. It's from my favorite streamer, someone I used to watch for Starcraft years ago:

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