Friday, March 31, 2017

Dragon Slayer

It was high time to close the first chapter in my new Runescape adventure, and what better quest for that than Dragon Slayer? Last night's quest was a blast, and it was also my first time ever livestreaming. You may find my streaming channel at

This is considered the final quest in the freeplay category. It's about defeating the dragon that lives in Crandor island: Elvarg, a dragon responsible for destroying the city that once stood on that island. In order to make it there, the player must find the three hidden map pieces that show the path to Crandor, buy and repair a ship, and obtain the Dragonfire Shield.

All three challenges were fairly easy to do, albeit a little lengthy. Getting the shield was the easiest: it was given to me by the Duke of Lumbridge right away, without him asking anything in return. The map pieces took quite a bit longer, involving a maze, a riddle and a goblin. The maze part was the toughest, as I had forgotten how to navigate it and got lost several times. The riddle involved collecting four obvious items and using them to unlock a door to the place shown below:

Once I had all that, I bought the ship, repaired it and got good old Ned to be the captain. I went on to face the dragon with a full inventory of lobsters, an attack potion, strength potion, and a ring of recoil. There was a cinematic I don't remember having watched before:

The battle was intense. Elvarg started out with several high damage attacks, nearly killing me. I went through my whole inventory of lobsters, tanking heavy damage while not dealing so much damage myself. The ring of recoil helped a lot, as it reflected damage back to the dragon, though it broke at some point.

This was the last of the freeplay quests. Starting tomorrow, I'll go for the members quests, of which there are over a hundred. At my one quest per day rythm, this will sure stretch out my adventure a lot and give me plenty of time to do livestreams. There's no rush to finish the game and I'm gladly taking my time.

Coming next, I'll visit the gnomes at their hometown, Tree Gnome Stronghold. It's been a long time since I've been there last...

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