Monday, March 20, 2017

Druidic Ritual

I logged out near Taverley yesterday, and as I was close to the Druidic Ritual quest I decided to go for it today. It's the quest that unlocks the Herblore skill. Taverley is the druid's peaceful town, North of Falador.

I had forgotten what it was all about, and I was a little afraid of having to confront those wizards at the stone circle Kaqemeex is mentioning there. They're not very high level, but they can do a lot of damage with their earth magic spells.

It was all very straightforward. The druid asked me to collect various types of meat from common animals such as cows and bears and dip them in a special cauldron located in Taverley Dungeon, named the Cauldron of Thunder. 

The only awkward moment was when I got there the first time without food and failed to defeat one of the iron armors that came to life. I had to run away and return with food to replenish my health as the fight went on.

Sadly Kaqemeex didn't ask me to go clear out the stone circle South of Varrock, the quest just ended there with an exp reward and Herblore being unlocked, but it was fun nonetheless. 

As of right now, I'm mining iron and coal to smelt 2,000 steel bars. I'll use those to craft arrows, nails, bolts and some other items for personal use, and use the rest to smith steel equipment which I'll sell to NPCs for a reasonable amount of gold. It's a lengthy process, but it should be doable in less than ten hours spread over a week.

I'm looking forward to finally doing Vampire Slayer tomorrow, using some potions if possible!

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