Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hiatus from GW2

I haven't posted anything on this blog in a while. My interest in GW2 has decreased sharply over the past month, and I came to realize it was time to go on hiatus. Having played over a thousand hours since the game's release, I feel as though there's nothing left for me to see, and I wonder how others manage to remain interested even with triple the amount of playtime.

I do ask myself, how? I've seen players claiming to have over 10,000 hours of playtime. That's roughly 2,500 hours a year since the release of GW2, which translate to 7 hours per day, every single day of the year without exception. Given that 1,000 hours alone are an immense amount of time (the average European citizen works roughly 1,600 hours per year), these statistics leave me completely baffled. And I don't mean to demean it, but rather raise the question: does GW2 really have that much relevant content?

In any case, I may or may not return to it. If I do, it will probably be in a year or two. If I don't, well, it will have been a great journey. I've thoroughly enjoyed the game, even though there are many things I disagreed with. It has its flaws, but at least it's not just another MMO in a long list of mass produced clones.

In the meantime, I've gone back to playing Runescape, the old school version of course. I've only played an hour and I don't know how far I'm going with this, but time will tell. When I finished its quests back in 2010, I was both happy of all the work I put into it, and sad of never being able to go through them again, already knowing the answers to all the puzzles and riddles. But now, after spending a full seven years without ever touching the game, I seem to have forgotten most of its content, and solving the quests might be nearly as difficult as it was before, therefore I'm giving it a shot.


  1. I have just under 6,000 hours played on my main GW2 account. I have three accounts (not counting the F2P one I made at the weekend) and I probably have around 2500 hours on one and a thousand on the other.

    That's not as much as it seems on the face of it. I leave the game logged in in the background all day some days. I web browse (often for hours), write blog posts and even play other MMOs all with GW2 still clocking up the hours.

    I would guess you could knock about a third off the number to get the real, "active" hours played but that's still 4,000 or so. Part of that you can then put down to WvW. Like all PvP, WvW generates its own "content" 24/7 and 365 days a year. Or at least it has done until recently - it is in something of a slump right now but even at it's current reduced level there is still almost always something to do somewhere that feels like it matters.

    And of course it depends how much you like repetition. One of the posts I ever did on my blog was called "We Dig Repetition" (a Fall song title btw) and I really do. I have been doing The Maw and Claw of Jormag as I type this. I already did Maw twice today. I don't need anything from these events - I just really enjoy doing them. I must have done them both many hundreds of times by now.

    The real explanation, though, is that I have never seen MMORPGs as "something to do" but as "somewhere to be". Asking what there is to do after all this time is like asking what there is to do in your garden after you've lived in your house for twenty years - there doesn't need to be anything to *do* - it's just great to sit there and soak it all in.

    none of which is to say more and newer content is welcome. It always is, if it's any good. It's just not especially necessary.

    I might turn this into a blog post if I get time. It's something I've thought about a lot over the years. Anyway, I look forward to reading you as you blog at RuneScape. I've been complaining for years that no-one in this corner of the blogosphere ever writes about that game.

    1. I've added some logical connectors here and there to my post as I felt it lost some of what I meant. I of course don't mean to accuse players of "no-lifing" or on the contrary to be jealous of others having such huge amounts of playtime, sorry if it came across that way.

      My point was (and you adressed it too, anyway), that I was amazed at how much content some people could find in GW2. I do feel like I've been through it all in those 1,000 hours, but then again my approach to this game has never been one of repetition, but one of exploration. The only things I happened to repeat several times over were the Silverwastes and Tequatl. So when I ran out of personal stories to do and places to visit, and when I finished crafting my ascended set, I felt as though I was pretty much done with it. Sure, there's all the legendaries and what not, but at this point logging in feels more like a job than a hobby.

      I actually had 2,500 hours on Runescape (over a greater period of time, as well, roughly 6 years), which is twice as much as what I have on GW2, but when I log in to that game I do so with the intent of doing mostly repetitive tasks while AFK doing homework or watching Youtube. GW2 on the other hand requires my full attention, and for that reason I feel as though the grind is much less tolerable.

      I'll be interested in reading your blog post about this!

  2. What?! You're not interested in following the hamster wheel of fractals up to 100 and then going into raids to prolong the endgame? And spending your hard earned money on gaudy gliders with different aura effects in the gem store? Anet devs are gonna be so sad that their post HoT plan isn't working... ;)

    Anyway, my sarcasm at GW2's expense aside, looking forward to some coverage on Runescape. I keep thinking about checking it out again but have never gotten my head around what its general gameplay and intended endgame quite is, beyond trying to skill up repetitively while surrounded by bots doing it far more efficiently...

    1. I am glad to have even two people interested in reading about it! I won't talk all that much about the skilling, as you say, it is repetitive. My focus will be on the quests and on this other content, although I will of course mention some skilling.

      I plan to go for one quest a day or so, and each blog post will therefore contain a quest, starting today or possibly tomorrow if I'm too busy tonight.