Friday, March 24, 2017

Player-submitted content: the Runescape democracy

Now that I've made some progress with my new Runescape account, I've started to encounter some of the content that has been added since this version's opening in 2013.

One of the particularities of 2007Scape, when compared to the vast majority of other MMOs, is that any updates must first be approved by the community before being added to the game. In order for an update to pass, whether it is a new dungeon, quest, or boss, it must receive over 75% approval by the community. Any player who has bought a membership may vote either in game or through the website.

And I voted "no" to all that because... why not? It's already won anyway!
This idea is hugely appreciated by the community. It ensures the game is taken in the direction of everyone's best interest, rather than the greedy, self-destructive path many MMO companies end up taking.

On top of this, some of the new content is designed by the players themselves, through contests. This is the case of Motherlode Mine, which I've had the chance to explore today while mining coal. The staff of 2007Scape has proven to be one of the closest to its community, which is quite a feat for such a popular game.

I think it's a great idea to have a democratic MMO community. Many game developers could learn from this experiment. It's something I would've liked to see in other games I've played.


  1. Heh did your spellchecker note like the word 'rune'?

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