Sunday, March 26, 2017

The freeplay adventure

Thought I'd be posting one quest a day on my blog, but since I like to talk about other things I got a bit lazy and have quite a few of them to catch up with from the past few days. I haven't necessarily committed to my one quest a day rule. Instead, I've occasionally done two of them in a single day, as the freeplay quests are very short and easy, and mostly meant to be an introduction to the much more complex members quests.

I've been using these terms a lot but I'm not sure a player from another MMO would understand them. In this game, we refer to the free trial content as "freeplay", and to the monthly subscription as "members", as in membership content.

The content is still great, however. Here's some of the quest Goblin Diplomacy, which involves helping two goblin generals decide on which color is best for their armor:

Goblins arguing over which color is best.

And here's Ernest the Chicken, arguably the toughest freeplayer quest after Dragon Slayer. It's a tricky one for new players. A guy named Ernest has been turned into a chicken by an experimental machine in Draynor Manor, and in order to turn him human again the player must fix the machine by finding its missing parts throughout the manor. It takes some exploration and puzzle solving to get through this quest.

Poor little Ernest.
The gate puzzle.

I miss the ability to sort quests by difficulty, from beginners to grandmasters, which hasn't been added to 2007Scape yet. But I don't really mind a blind run either. I like surprises. I had a good surprise when doing Black Knight's Fortress. In fact, I tried to fail this quest by adding the wrong type of cabbage to the witch's potion, but it turns out you can't do that. You'll get the following message:

It was the quest I was supposed to post yesterday, but oh well, I got a little bit lazy. 

And the last quest I've done was Shield of Arrav, which requires two players to complete. Finished it with a friend who also quit GW2 to join 2007Scape instead. It was much faster than I remembered. In this quest, each player must join a gang and steal each half of the Shield of Arrav each gang is keeping.

I joined the Black Arm Gang, the other clan being the Phoenix Gang. Doesn't make much of a difference.

There's two other short quests I've done, Rune Mysteries and Witch's Potion, but both quests are so small I really don't have much to say about them. As of right now, I'm at 31 quest points. Dragon Slayer is avaliable at 32 quest points, but I'm not yet prepared for it, so I'll probably do other quests in the meantime. I'm thinking of a strategy to defeat the dragon. It won't be so easy for an Ironman.

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