Saturday, March 18, 2017

The new journey begins

It feels great to be back in this game. Leveling my skills while doing homework, going through the good old quests, chatting with people using RS lingo, being able to log out whenever I want without worrying for world events ending or raids finishing without me, it truly is a more laid back environment than what I've gotten used to for the past seven years. Runescape is often described as grindy and tedious, but while it may require long term commitment, it certainly doesn't require all that much concentration while playing.

I will eventually cover all of these points one by one in future blog posts. There's plenty to talk about and the game has had several updates I'm yet to try out, but for now I'll go with first things first, and what comes first is character creation. I didn't get very far with my first character, because I wanted to try out Iron Man mode and had to create another account for it.

Iron Man/Woman mode is a new option available at the end of Tutorial Island that prevents you from trading with other players or using the Grand Exchange (the GE) - the game's auction house. It essentially makes of Runescape a solo game as far as skilling goes. I loved trading with others, but the GE drives player-to-player trading out of existence and makes the whole game far too convenient and easy. I would recommend this mode to new players as it encourages them to discover the game in its integrity. Iron Man mode may be disabled once you're out of the Tutorial Island, but it cannot be turned on again.

These are my levels after a few hours of playing on my new character. I was fishing while writing this blog post and made it to level 25. It might seem fast, but keep in mind the amount of exp required goes up exponentially. I have roughly 8,000 total fishing exp at level 25, but level 99 represents a whopping 13,000,000 exp.

I was lucky enough to find that hat I'm wearing on my third day. It's a reward from a random event, and it took me months to get it on my old account back in 2007. As for the rest of the gear, Iron Man mode is proving to be a challenging experience and I don't have enough gold to purchase more armor from NPCs yet.

I set a one quest per day goal, however since I was a little late on that I decided to go for two of them today. I finished Restless Ghost yesterday, but the screenshots are on another computer, so I'll upload them later. The above screenshot shows the beginning of Doric's Quest, one of the dead easy, introductory quests for new players.

The next quest was Imp Catcher. Again, one of the beginner quests, no intrigue or puzzles involved yet. It's about an evil wizard stealing four magical beads from his rival and giving them to imps. The goal is to go around killing imps until they've dropped one of each bead. It's tedious, but a good motivation to train combat early on.

 This quest grants the amulet of accuracy, which is nice to have for an Iron Man, and some Magic exp.

That will be all for today, I'm still fishing and cooking in the background, I'll get on with another quest tomorrow. Getting the beginner ones out of the way first so that I can move on to the real interesting ones.

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