Sunday, April 9, 2017

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

This was a quest I did a few days ago when I traveled to the South West of Runescape. To the South of Yanille is the land of the Ogres, big brutish humanoids who are generally hostile to visitors and difficult to understand when they happen to communicate. Their land consists mostly of untamed forests and meadows.

It's a shame they still haven't replaced the bland black horizon in this game. It's much better looking in Runescape 3.

This quest, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, was about helping Rantz hunt a "chompy bird" for dinner. It took us through the whole process of crafting Ogre arrows, laying a trap for the bird, shooting it, seasoning it and cooking it.

The arrow tips had to be made of wolf bones, but the quest only mentioned "bones from a canine" so I had some trouble figuring out what I had to do.

The next part was about bloating frogs with air using bellows and laying them down as bait for the birds. I don't remember there being any indication as to where I could find the bellows, so I also got stuck at this part.

The reward was this enormous bow alongside the ability to craft Ogre arrows and some experience in various related skills. Ogre arrows aren't convenient to make, they require collecting a lot of wolf bones, but I might give it a shot crafting 500 or so of them sometime in the future. It's part of all that game content I never got to use, I'd like to try training Ranged with them at least once. It's these small details that have been making my latest playthrough so enjoyable.

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