Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter & Wester

It's Easter time in Runescape, and with it comes the yearly Easter event, taking place in Wester island. It's an event I hadn't done in a very long time, although I did login for the Christmas event last year. The controversial topic of religion looms ahead.

I couldn't help but notice the growth in nihilism, specifically online, over the past few years when it comes to Christmas and Easter. Ten years ago people would enjoy these events without much complaining, but nowadays I've come across more than just a couple people criticizing them for being "stolen pagan festivities" or "religious rituals".

In Guild Wars 2 there isn't even an Easter event at all, and while GMs will claim it's because there was no Jesus in Tyria for such an event to make sense, there's no China or Jack O' Lantern either, and yet they have Lunar New Year and Halloween events. But then again these are the same mods who will ban you from their forums for using the words "politically correct" or "SJW".

I myself am an atheist, but that doesn't stop me from celebrating Christmas and Easter, and have a minimum of appreciation for the good things Christianity has brought us. It's part of our Western culture. Why would I let my beliefs get in the way of enjoyment and well-being?

This year's event is quite enjoyable event after all. The Easter bunnies need help inventing new recipes for their chocolate eggs, and to help them we have to travel to Wester island and cook various types of eggs for them to test taste.

The whole island is made of chocolate, except for the grass and the few trees growing on its surface. Yes, it has banana trees growing on nothing but chocolate, I couldn't have dreamt up a better utopia myself! The goal of this event is to gather several ingredients and test various different tastes of Easter Eggs. There are various ingredients around the island: bananas, salt, papaya and even some oddities such as ashes, beef and chicken feathers.

My favorite part was getting the "rich taste", which was a mix of chocolate and gold, but not just any gold. It was produced by the golden Easter bunny, Goldie, and by "produced" I'll let you imagine what I mean... Here's some of the in game conversation:

The ending isn't all that bad, I won't spoil it, but the item reward was not very aesthetically pleasing. It's fucking hideous frankly!

I went on to do some Slayer and some Mining. I need to make a skilling log one of these days. It's enjoyable while working on something else. The next holiday event will be Halloween and that's a long, long time from now...

What are your thoughts on the Christmas and Easter events in online games?

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