Friday, April 7, 2017

Enter Morytania & Livestreaming

I'm dedicating this blog post to some questing and my experience with livestreaming.

My time for gaming has significantly shrunk these last few days. With the upcoming exams and my usual outdoor activities, I've hardly had time to play Runescape any more than an hour or two per day. In result, I've only finished two quests since my last post, but that's fine. I don't have a train to catch.

This hasn't stopped me from livestreaming, but it's a rough beginning. I'm not sure how one is supposed to get his first viewers as a Twitch livestreamer. It's definitely a more comfortable format than vlogging, but unlike a video, which remains there forever for people to see, a livestream is a one time event and getting more viewers feels much more difficult for that reason.
It's also different from blogging in how it's inherently meant to be something to do for an audience rather than for oneself. I've almost always written for an audience of one on this blog: for myself. Therefore I can never feel discouraged to continue writing, even if I don't have all that many readers. But with that livestream it just feels pointless to continue when the viewer count is zero. Yet the only solution is to persevere. I'll keep doing it until something comes out of it, as this is something I want to experience at least once.

Anyhow, the quest I'm blogging about today is Priest in Peril: a quest at the entrance to Morytania, the region to the east of Varrock, which is home to vampires, werewolves, zombies and other such horror creatures. This quest involved freeing a priest of Saradomin from captivity by monks of Zamorak. It begins with our gullible character getting fooled into killing the dog that served as the guardian of the only passage between Morytania and Misthalin.

 And obviously, the king isn't too happy about it... These dialogues are part of what makes quests so fantastic and memorable in Runescape.

Setting the priest free was no easy task. He was jailed and guarded by a vampire, who could sense his presence, sleeping in a coffin nearby. I had to find the key and think of a way to incapacitate the vampire. I'm glad I'm finally delving into these real quests with difficult riddles and what not.

After finding the right items and getting the priest out of there, I finished the quest and gained access to Morytania. It wasn't a very long quest, although I spent a lot of time searching for the various items, and served more as an introduction to Morytania's theme and storyline.

Next up is Big Chompy Bird Hunting... a rather unusual quest involving an ogre and his favorite meal: chompy birds.

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