Saturday, April 15, 2017

One Month Milestone

A whole month in and I still haven't made a recap of my levels on Runescape. There's various skills in this game and each of them take a very long time to level. These are my stats as of today:

A quick explanation for anyone who isn't familiar with Runescape:

• Combat skills are trained simply by attacking monsters with the correct weapon and attack style. HP levels up as you deal damage to monsters. Slayer is training by fighting specific monsters assigned to you by Slayer masters.
• Skills like Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting and so on are pretty self-explanatory. You just go out and do those activities.
• Skills like Smithing, Cooking, Herblore and Farming require you to gain materials first from another skill. Smithing requires ores which you must first mine, for example.
• Agility is trained by running laps around agility courses.
• Prayer is trained by burying bones.
• Thieving is trained by stealing from stalls or pickpocketing NPCs.
• Construction is trained by purchasing a player-owned house and building furniture in it over and over again.

I've been training skills here and there with no specific goal in mind, although I've spent a whole lot of time mining while preparing my exams, doing my homework or watching movies. I'd love have both and Mining and Smithing cape eventually. These are capes when you reach the maximum level, 99, but at my current rythm it would take me over a year to get a Smithing cape.

And this is my current bank:

I've been testing out a lot of things and hoarding stuff I probably shouldn't. There's all the swords I've ever used, over 1000 blurite bolts I've yet to enchant and many ores I haven't smelted into bars yet.

It's a very lengthy game, but it rewards commitment and hard work. It's not RGN-intense like GW2. You need to grind for days and days to get the level requirements needed for bosses, but once you get them those bosses have 1/250 odds of dropping rare gear.

* * * * *

Daily Quest: Elemental Workshop

It's been a pleasure returning to this hidden workshop in Seers Village. It's a short quest where you must fix the Elemental Workshop and craft an Elemental Shield.

I had some trouble figuring out how to heat up the furnace, but nothing big. The shield is quite good looking and is iconic of Magic in Runescape. It has a good magical defense stat, but doesn't protect against melee or projectile. I created a gif which shows its equipping animation:

There's a mod on Skyrim Nexus for this shield as well. I used it back in the day, it's truly gorgeous:

You can find it at the following link if you play Skyrim and are interested in it:


  1. Love the Runescape Skyrim mod nugget. That's pretty cool! :)

    1. Oh yeah that modder makes some really good looking Runescape weapons for Skyrim, I recommend checking out the others, my favorite is the Ancient Staff :)