Monday, April 3, 2017

The Gnomes II

The standard, medieval cities in Runescape are all more or less grouped together at the center of the map; wander off far enough and you'll always end up in high fantasy lands inhabited by magical creatures with plenty of quests for you to delve into. Travel West and you'll come across the land of the Gnomes, short and intelligent humanoids who live under the canopy of gigantic trees. It was the first thing I did when I became a member back in 2009, and after all these years it felt nostalgic to return there.

The Gnome city to the North West is called Tree Gnome Stronghold. It has an enormous tree at the center and is mostly surrounded by forests and meadows. It's home to a minigame called Gnome Ball, and to the easiest of the game's Agility courses. These are courses where you train the Agility skill, which allow you to get across certain obstacles and shortcuts in game, and lets you run for longer periods of time.

I went and started the first quest I could find there, which happened to be the Gnome Tree. It involved the tree being diseased and the goal was to figure out what was causing it. It's an amazing quest with several puzzles around the theme of translation. 

 The quest also briefly took me to the heart of Karamja, the game's tropical island, which is quite a nice place to visit.

This was also my second livestream, and it definitely went better than the first one. I've made plenty of small mistakes during the quest, and one of them was trying to fight this Black Demon with my mediocre level 38 ranged. It was taking me so long to kill that he despawned. I tried again with magic spells instead and it worked wonderfully, so much it inspired me to write something about magic in this game sometime later.

I received some really good rewards from this quest, definitely more than I imagined. It was enough experience for me to get level 40 in Attack and finally wield a rune longsword.

This is the first blog post I actually have an earlier version of from 2009. I try not to do the same quests in the same order, but this is just one of those I had to do again. Hope I won't be losing the blog a second time!

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